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DJI is a company that is well-known for selling high-quality drones that are equipped with the latest technology. This firm clearly surpasses other drone selling companies with its new and advanced drones.


In this review, you will get to learn about both Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones, both of which are offered by DJI. I will study both the drones and point out their features, pros, and cons and then at the end give my verdict as to who all should buy these drones.


This will make it easier for prospective buyers, who are confused between both these drones so that they can make an informed decision as to which drone is better for them. After all, different people have different requirements and preferences, which means one drone can be better suitable for one person. So, first I will look at both the drones one by one and then compare them with each other.

When it comes to DJI’s Phantom 4 pro-drone, it really is an amazing photography and videography drone, it comes with a controller that is equipped with a screen. The screen has bright lights, something like your phone, but even more luminous. Moreover, the video quality of the Phantom 4 Pro is exceptional with 4K resolution.


People really love that the Phantom 4 Pro does not easily crash into anything, which is a major concern for drone flyers. The sensors on its body detect anything that comes in its way and its controller instantly beeps when the drone comes close to anything. Moreover, the drone stops moving in such a case.


You can avail the standard version of Phantom 4 Pro at a price of 1499. However, if you want to buy the controller equipped with a screen, then you need to shell out an additional amount of $600 for it.



  • This drone has a controller with an inbuilt screen.
  • The screen of its controller is quite bright, which makes it easy to see in daylight under the shining sun.
  • It offers videos in 4K quality at 60 frames per second, which means you can capture almost anything with this drone in a smooth motion without any judders.
  • The drone is equipped with sensors all over its body, which helps the drone to avoid collision with anything that comes it its path.
  • It is offered at a reasonable price, starting from $1,499.



  • It flies at a less speed of 45 miles per hour as compared to the Inspire 2.
  • It has only one camera, where the Inspire 2 has two cameras.

As compared to the Inspire 2, it has only one battery.


Who should buy?

The Phantom 4 Pro is specifically made for aerial photographers, whether intermediate or professional. People who want to make aerial videos on a professional or semi-professional basis can buy this drone.


Moreover, with an affordable price, this drone can be bought by people who want a good flying drone, but do not want to shell out a lot of money on it. This makes the Phantom 4 Pro drone a good choice for amateurs, who want to make nice aerial videos and get popular among their peers or just want to finish some school project.


The Inspire 2 drone comes with a First Person View camera, which allows two people to handle this drone. One person can fly the drone and the other person can control the camera placed on the drone. This makes it easy for people working on film sets, as they can complete both the tasks with expertise without any faults.


Similar to Phantom 4 Pro, this drone too can shoot videos of 4K quality. Additionally, the drone gives you two camera options. One is the Zenmuse X5S that comes with an interchangeable lens system with the mounting of Micro Four Thirds, which can shoot 5.2K videos at 30 frames per second. And, the other is the Zenmuse X4S, which can shoot4K videos at 60 frames per second.


Furthermore, the Inspire 2 drone is incorporated with some pro codecs, which can produce 4GBPS data rates. However, if you want to benefit from this feature of Inspire 2, then you need to use a fast SSD. You can avail this drone at a price of over 2k without the camera. If you want to buy the camera, you can get the Zenmuse X4S for $600 or the Zenmuse X5S for $1,899.


Moreover, the Inspire 2 Drone can be operated by two people, where one can concentrate on taking the video and the other can focus on the path of the drone, since the drone comes with two different cameras. If you are going to be traveling with either the drone you should go with the Phantom. The Phantom 4 drone is easier to travel with due to its smaller size


This is very typical of film sets, where two people can handle their individual jobs, without having to concentrate on both the tasks and ending up with poor results. Thus, the Inspire 2 drone is ideal for people working in film units. However, since this drone is offered at a costly price, it is not for beginner photographers.



Now, let me compare the two drones in terms of their individual features and characteristics.


  1. Speed

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro can fly at a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour, when it is flown without any assistance. However, if you turn on the obstacle avoidance mode on this drone, the drone flies at an approximate speed of 31 miles per hour. This makes it much better than its last model in terms of speed.


The Inspire 2 drone flies at a maximum speed of 67 miles per hour and reaches 50 miles per hour speed within just 5 seconds, although the company claimed that it can reach that speed in 4 seconds. This shows that the Inspire 2 drone is faster than almost any traffic in a city, save for taxi cabs. Moreover, this drone soars at 23 feet per second and runs downs at 30 feet per second.


Winner: DJI Inspire 2


  1. Camera

One of the most important features of a drone is its camera. After all, most of the times drones are used for their camera. The camera of the Phantom 4 Pro can shoot 4K videos at 60 frames per second. Moreover, the camera of the drone comes with a SD card slot, which facilitates transfer and recording of videos. The controller of the Phantom 4 Pro comes with a bright built-in screen, which perfectly connects with the camera, in turn allowing you to click very clear images with this drone.


On the other hand, the camera of the Inspire 2 drone shoots videos in 4K and 5.2K at 60 or 30 frames per second respectively. Just like the Phantom 4 Pro, this drone’s camera also has an SD card slot, thus making it easy to shoot your videos anywhere on the go.


What makes the Inspire 2 different from its counterpart is that it is offered with two cameras and two slots. One camera is a first person camera, which is small in size and can be mounted on the front side of the drone. With it, you can know where the drone is going, without bumping into any obstacle. This camera can be controlled individually, with independent videos on the screen of its controller.


The other camera is a cinematography camera, which is big in size and covers the vast, panoramic surroundings of the drone. Since there are two cameras on this drone, it comes with two controllers, which means two people can operate this drone simultaneously. Additionally, the drone comes with a lens swapping ability, which allows you to change its lenses for different shots at different day times.


Winner: DJI Inspire 2


  1. Navigation

The Phantom 4 Pro drone is equipped with five sensors, which allow it to detect the obstacles that come in its way. For this, you just have to switch on its obstacle avoidance mode through which you can avoid any collision or crash of your drone, thus saving your money as well as your drone.


Furthermore, this drone does not get out of control nor gets lost. This is because whenever the drone gets almost out of range, it warns the operator. And, even if the drone escapes the range of its controller, it returns to the last spot where it received its last signal and just waits there, hovering till the operator gives it the next command.


When it comes to the navigation features of the Inspire 2, this drone too comes equipped with sensors, which are attached to its top, bottom, and front parts. Similar to the Phantom 4 Pro drone, the sensors of the Inspire 2 detect any obstacle that comes in its path. The sensors on the top of this drone make it very easy to fly it indoors or in an enclosed space, where there is a ceiling.


Winner: DJI Phantom 4 Pro


  1. Control

The controls of the Phantom 4 Pro is very easy to use. And, since the Inspire 2 is also made by the same company, that is DJI, it also has easy to use controls. Both the drones are almost identical in terms of their control setups and controller design.


One of the remarkable control features of both these drones is the lock on mode. This feature allows you to lock the drone at one place, where it can just hover until you stop it. This can help you to shoot something in a full view or to scare some trespasser. Moreover, the lock on feature allows you to track an object at a different direction from the path of the drone, which makes it perfect for tracking any object and flying with focus.


Winner: Draw


  1. Assembly and design

You can easily assemble the Phantom 4 Pro within a few minutes, as its propellers can be fastened onto its motor. This means you can fly this drone within a few minutes of purchasing it.On the other hand, the DJI Inspire 2 drone is much better than its previous model, with a new, harder body. It is more efficient than the older model.


The Phantom 4 Pro as well as the Inspire 2, both have a lightweight design, which means you can take them anywhere you go. However, their lightweight design can cause them to tear in harsh weather or flying debris. Still, both these drones can put up with moderate winds.


The battery life of the Inspire 2 drone is up to 27 minutes. Additionally, this drone comes with two batteries, which means if one runs out of power, you can swap it with the second one and thus continue with whatever you are shooting. Moreover, the second battery does not make the drone plummet, in case the first one fails while the drone is flying. This saves your drone from smashing to the ground. Furthermore, the Inspire 2 drone has a self-heating battery, which means that you can even fly it in icy temperatures.


Winner: Draw



Although, the Inspire 2 is quite costlier that the Phantom 4 Pro, it is more technologically advanced and has a lot of features as compared to the latter drone. However, if you are on a budget, then you should obviously opt for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone. However now we have the choice between the mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom, you can read more about these two drones here.


In all, both these drones are very good, as both of them have some striking features. Nonetheless, the Inspire 2 drone is somewhat better than the Phantom 4 Pro drone with its faster speed, additional first person camera, extra SD slot, and other features, all of which make it one of the best drones in the market.




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